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Vintage and Industrial

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" Clark" Metal Tall Table - MDF Tabletop
CONTRACT / HO.RE.CA. Design tall table, Retro' industrial style, ideal for contract furnishing, bars, restaurants, bars,...
"Dione" Soft Metal Vintage Armchair
CONTRACT / HO.RE.CA Retro' Vintage armchair, Industrial Style, ideal for contract furnishing, locals, bars, restaurants, clubs,...


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Production and Sale of Chairs and Armchairs for indoor and outdoor furniture. Select between thousands of seatings: classic or modern, contemporary design, metal, plastic, wood, eco-leather, eco-rattan high quality handwoven. Sled Chairs for Office and Waiting Rooms, Folding Chairs, Chairs with Writing Table for your Meeting and Conference room. Polyvalent and stackable chairs for Events, Schools, Laboratories, Cafeterias, designed to be used intensively. Perfect for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants or Pubblic Areas. Available with an infinite range of colors and finishes than can be customized.